Do Women By The Age Of 45 Have Medical Abortions

Lisa Jolley
2 min readJun 2, 2021

According to the medical experts, out of four at least one woman will have a pregnancy termination by 45. This is down since the past few years due to high usage of long-acting reversible contraceptives. However it is still a fact that surprises many women. Let’s know why.

While we understand that abortion is a common part for women’s reproductive existence, there is a immense stigma everywhere about abortion.

Many women have concern about what others will think about them, shame their decision, judge them on having abortion. Thus, many women stay silent and do not tell even their family and friends about having a abortion. This silence indicates that people hardly hear real stories about women’s experience with pregnancy termination. Instead the voices of political leaders and religious leaders are not real women shape the medical abortion portrait in the US.

We want to replace that. Our aim is to end the silence about pregnancy termination, breaking myths about abortion and uprising real people’s voices regarding abortion. We dont want to change the extreme anti-abortion people’s minds (it will be a total waste of time) but rather widen the understanding of all people in the mid, the one who do not think more about abortion or have largely occupied the stigma message about them

Want to understand more facts about medical abortion in the US:

You can check the most recent abortion fact over the internet. ( A most fun fact the abortion rate with abortion pills hold out a historic low in 2014, much lower than the 1st year after the abortion got legalized in the US. And fifty nine percent of abortions were acquired by women who already had one child.

So if you are an anti-stigma representative then ensure that you are the new 1 in 4 statistic.

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